River Levels in Wales


This site needs YOUR help to be useful for kayakers and canoeists. Please use the form to help us calibrate the EA data each time you paddle a river.

River levels are indicated by the following scale:

Empty     Low -just possible     Medium     High -bank full   
Flood -out of its banks   

Please note the TIME of the last recording.
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   Accurate Levels Currently Unknown.
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River Section Paddled: 

Closest EA Station:

Date:    Time:

    Was the River:  

EA Station Level: m                        

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Map of Stations
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Last Recording
Elwy empty on Falling Graph Link
Conwy * empty on Falling Graph Link
Lledr empty on Falling Graph Link
Peris empty on Falling Graph Link
Seiont empty on Falling Graph Link
Gwyrfai empty on Falling Graph Link
Llyfni empty on Falling Graph Link
Colwyn empty on Falling Graph Link
Glaslyn - gorge empty on Falling Graph Link
Dwyfor empty on Falling Graph Link
Dee - Corwen 4176 on empty Falling Graph Link
Mawddach - middle no empty on 4121 Falling Graph Link
Wnion 4146 on unknown Falling Graph Link
Ystwyth on Falling Graph Link
Teifi - Llanfair 4050 on no Falling Graph Link
Usk - Trallong 4041 on no Falling Graph Link
Usk - Llandetty 4094 on no Falling Graph Link
Mellte no empty on 4212 Falling Graph Link

* Conwy guage is below the Lledr and Llugwy confluence.

More Calibration Data Needed:

'Dysinni', 'L Eri', 'Rheidol','Ystwyth','Aeron - Aberarfon', 'Aeron - Talsarn', 'Teifi - Llanfair', 'Teifi - Glanteifi', 'Gwaun', 'Western Cleddau', 'Eastern Cleddau', 'Taf', 'Cynin', 'Gwili', 'Tywi - Capel Dewi', 'Tywi - Manorafon', 'Cothi', 'Sawdde', 'Dulais', 'Gwydderig', 'Tywi - Dolau Hirion', 'Doethie', 'Tywi - Ystradffin', 'Gwendraeth Fach', 'Gwnedraeth Fawr ', 'Loughor', 'Amman', 'Tawe - Ynystanglws','Upper Clydach', 'Twrch', 'Tawe - Craig y Nos', 'Dulais', 'Neath', 'Clydach Brook', 'Mellte', 'Afan', 'Llynfi', 'Ogmore', 'Ogmore - Bridgend', 'Ewenny', 'Taff - Pontypridd', 'Rhondda Fawr', 'Taff - Fiddlers Elbow', 'Taff - Merthyr', 'Usk - Chain Bridge', 'Usk - Llandetty', 'Usk - Trallong', 'Senni', 'Yscir', 'Grwyne Fawr', 'Hay-on-Wye', 'Wye - Hereford', 'Ross-on-Wye','Irfon', 'Wye', 'Vyrnwy'


The current kayaking and canoeing level information, displayed on this website, are all made possible through the river level data distributed on the Environment Agency website (see http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk) . Please be aware although every effort has been made to interpret and display accurate levels, errors are possible and should only be used as a guide. Before kayaking or canoeing any river a visual risk assessment is necessary and a personal decision be made as to whether the given conditions are suitable and safe.

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